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Ara Spellman
Ron Spellman
    On The Road 2005: Appalachian Trail (using a Canon A70 digital camera)

    Latest News:

  • Recieved images for the section between the wilderness and Stratton (7/9/05)
  • Mail drop picked up in Caratunk.Letter recieved (but no images or journal) No pickup yet in Stratton. Some news about Ara and Ron posted at Sobohobos.com (Mention 1, Mention 2) by their recent traveling companions. Wilderness section images posted. (7/2/05)
  • Ara and Ron have completed the first stage of their hike, crossing the 114 miles of wilderness south of Katahdin. They have reached their first mail drop early and will be resting before the next stage. Images recieved. (6/24/05)

Our Mission

Every trail, no matter where it is, no matter how prosaic it seems, has beauties of its own. Our job, and our challenge, is to take one day on a trail, and find everything we can during that one day. Wildlife, plants, complex stumps, slime molds and mushrooms, even icicles or snow formations - and, of course, the best outlooks we can find. The idea is to show the potential of what you could see on any day on that trail.

How We Do It

Every trail begins at one end and ends at the other. In between lies the taking of between 100 and 500 images from along and beside the trail. There's a special sensitivity that can emerge during a hike, as it becomes clear that any tiny spot on a tree may be a fantastically shaped mushroom, or that any gleam in a fast moving stream could be a complex of icicles that look like a Greek temple.

There have been many different cameras used to produce these images... film and digital


  • Current: Canon Digital Rebel with a Canon 18-55mm, Sigma 28-100mm (1:2 macro), Canon 28-135mm (image stabilized), and Sigma 80-400mm (image stabilized)
  • Sony CD Mavica 300 and 400 with Carl Zeiss 3x lens and macro capability (digital)
  • Minolta Maxxum 1000 with Quantaray 28-200mm (film)
  • Minolta X-570 (film)

Each camera and lens has had strengths and weaknesses - but it isn't the equipment that makes these images; what really counts is how actively you are looking and how to turn what you see into a special composition.

Why We Do It

Back in the late 1980s, my friend Len Coolbeth brought his album of images of the White Mountains to work. I had never seen anything so amazing, and decided I had to go there. It took several years before I was ready to summit Mount Adams, but I fell in love again with the woods and with hiking. I brought my camera and started capturing the experience of walking the trail.

In 2000 I was walking up Owls Head in New Hampshire when some ideas about content management and a desire to use all those pictures I was taking came together with a name - New England Trail Review had become an idea. Six months later it was an online reality, and now, over several thousand images make up the core of the site, with many more waiting in the wings.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Special Thanks

  • Michael Caouette (for various books on identification and nature topics)


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